Sustainability posters

A series of posters I designer about a year ago for Sustainability course, MA in Design&Environment.

Questioning sustainability-related matters I have created posters for existing initiatives and projects. The posters then  were emailed to these organisations and offered them for free to use.greendrinks food sust-mean busy

Copyright Inessa Demidova, 2012

MA Studio banned words list

In our MA Design studio kitchen last year students painted one wall black but no one was really using it as a blackboard.

To alleviate stress and add more fun I decided to start a list of these annoying buzzwords which we hear all the time in design theory. I wrote first few words and then asked other MA Design students to contribute. The result reflects the array of themes we are bombarded in our courses as well as just chatting. Perfect internal joke.

Urban design flaws

UPDATE Jan,21 2013: You can download Design Flaw – StickerA to point out design flaws in your city.  Please, share results.

Urban design flaws is a collaborative project between designer Inessa Demidova and artist Micah Kessel.

The project was born out of an informal conversation after Micah stumbled on a step which was of a different size from others in a cafe in Amsterdam. After pointing out that this is just a design flaw, the idea of pointing out this little flaws in urban environment was brought up.

The team designed stickers with members of De Stijl on them in yellow (annoying), red (dangerous) and white (mildly annoying). This allows to express dissatisfaction with current urban environment and bring the subject to discussion.