Bartlett Plexus sketch

One of the most inspiring lectures I’ve  been to recently
I was quite intrigued  by the choice of speakers and the atmosphere  was very open – Bartlett,  my love.

Did a quick sketch there while Andy Lomas was explaining his methods of creating synthetic aesthetics mimicking organic forms.


Scandinavian kitchen, London


Scandinavian Kitchen is my cafe number one in London. So many times I have arranged to meet friends there or just poped by to buy some knäckebröd or to have a cup of coffee with kanelbulle that I already know names of waiters, where they’re from and even can recognize some of their relatives.


It started one cold evening many months ago when I was passing by after a lecture at UCL and decided to check out that Swedish place I heard about. Inside I found a surprisingly cozy place with red walls full of Scandinavian goods and Scandinavian music. They have completely bought me that evening by offering me a free muffin and refilling my coffee after they took it away by mistake. That was the start.


Simple interior is distinctively Danish says interior designer inside me.20121222-DSC06338

They sell variety of books and foods from across Scandinavia but I must admit that the accent is on Danish and Swedish products.



The place where I had my first Julmust – traditional Swedish Christmas drink.


The menu is very small and simple and even more so, Scandinavian.


Their carrot cake is to die for.


Sad days when cinnamon buns are sold out.  


Basement floor. Plenty of power sockets, WiFi and calm atmosphere. This post is written there as well as part of my MA diploma submission. 


Time was passing, our relationship grew, my loyalty cards were filling with Ö stamps, which lead to a hug on 5th stamp and coffee and 10th. (A friend of mine suggested ditching cards after 5th stamp and start a new one). I’ve bought loads of cinnamon buns, drunk loads of coffee, spoke Swedish, Russian and even some Finnish and developed ongoing hugging relationships.20121216-DSC06236

One day I have discovered porridge with cinnamon sugar, mmmm.


The place is full of Scandinavian humour

And even though they don’t give me free food, don’t sell my favourite Fazer Liqueur Fills and have never heard of Panda Lakka which I crave desperately I am sure this place will be forever a good part of my life in London.


MA Studio banned words list

In our MA Design studio kitchen last year students painted one wall black but no one was really using it as a blackboard.

To alleviate stress and add more fun I decided to start a list of these annoying buzzwords which we hear all the time in design theory. I wrote first few words and then asked other MA Design students to contribute. The result reflects the array of themes we are bombarded in our courses as well as just chatting. Perfect internal joke.

Spreading – Design in Environment

In the recent months I have spent a lot of time developing ways to use hardcover as a valuable material.

The most exciting of all was laser-cutting. Coasters, fake taxidermy, earring stands, bird houses, stamp holders… I just can’t seem to stop finding more and more ways to use it in my designs.

Other designer, called Adam, recently asked me if he can get some hardcover books of me. I gave him a few with some curiosity. After a few hours I found business cards cut out in his desk. I am always keen to share my findings with colleagues and I was delighted to find that the technique I tried our and implemented in my designs continue to live in other projects.

Hardcover business cards

Feels great!

via Spreading – Design in Environment.