PP’s Muntjac deer

While Daily mail thinks that muntjac deer are threat to our wildlife, I was asked kindly to draw one based on an old memory of meeting one.

Originating from South-East China and Taiwan, they were introduced in the UK in the beginning of the 20th century and since then became one of the most populous deer found in England.

Muntjac deer by Inessa Demidova
Muntjac deer by Inessa Demidova

Bartlett Plexus sketch

One of the most inspiring lectures I’ve  been to recently http://bartlettplexus.com
I was quite intrigued  by the choice of speakers and the atmosphere  was very open – Bartlett,  my love.

Did a quick sketch there while Andy Lomas was explaining his methods of creating synthetic aesthetics mimicking organic forms.


Hej, Nordic deer

We’ve been talking about this for a while and finally – my deer are hanging at my favourite cafe in London – Scandinavian kitchen.

They are free to view and surrounded by lovely people and buns throughout April and maybe a bit beyond – pop by if you’re around!

61 Great Titchfield Street
London W1W 7PP
Opening hours
Monday – Friday: 8 – 19
Saturday: 10 – 18
Sunday: 10-16 (food 15) Hej Nordic deer by Inessa Demidova Hej Nordic deer by Inessa Demidova Hej Nordic deer by Inessa Demidova Hej Nordic deer by Inessa Demidova

HL JR Eames deer

HL JR Deer by Inessa DemidovaOne of my main passions in professional sense is actually lighting design (you’d think deer, wouldn’t you?). Yet I am not employed as a lighting designer yet which combined with Goldsmiths education makes me do some weird things.

This is a deer for a lighting designer who I met at a lighting design party. We had a conversation involving deer, Eames chairs and my crazy CV.