Ed Mead

When I first met Ed he promised to introduce me to some people who like cricket as much as I do but then failed to do so. But I still like him, probably because he cooks dinner at our house sometimes.

/Yes, after I drew Ed I drew 16 more deer/

Secret Santa Deer


A deer I have drawn just before going to my friends to celebrate Christmas. Then it was part of our secret Santa game and now the deer lives in Clapham.

Deer are at the highest point of popularity during Christmas period and I wanted to reflect on that by showing a deer constrained in Xmas ribbons with a background in spring/summer colours.  20121224-DSC06346

Sustainability posters

A series of posters I designer about a year ago for Sustainability course, MA in Design&Environment.

Questioning sustainability-related matters I have created posters for existing initiatives and projects. The posters then  were emailed to these organisations and offered them for free to use.greendrinks food sust-mean busy

Copyright Inessa Demidova, 2012

Magic of the East

In 2011 I spent a couple of months doing large scale murals for an Arabic restaurant in St Petersburg called Magic of the East.

In total I have completed 10 murals and some ornamental décor in 2 months. Now I have some amazing stories to tell about working 7 days a week for 8-10 hours a day.

DSC07598 DSC07561 DSC07584 DSC07534 DSC07527 DSC07447

After the restaurant has been opened an employee there confessed that she has only stayed working there because of the atmosphere created by the paintings.

Currently the restaurant uses the images created by me in all of their advertising and on the website.


Scandinavian kitchen, London


Scandinavian Kitchen is my cafe number one in London. So many times I have arranged to meet friends there or just poped by to buy some knäckebröd or to have a cup of coffee with kanelbulle that I already know names of waiters, where they’re from and even can recognize some of their relatives.


It started one cold evening many months ago when I was passing by after a lecture at UCL and decided to check out that Swedish place I heard about. Inside I found a surprisingly cozy place with red walls full of Scandinavian goods and Scandinavian music. They have completely bought me that evening by offering me a free muffin and refilling my coffee after they took it away by mistake. That was the start.


Simple interior is distinctively Danish says interior designer inside me.20121222-DSC06338

They sell variety of books and foods from across Scandinavia but I must admit that the accent is on Danish and Swedish products.



The place where I had my first Julmust – traditional Swedish Christmas drink.


The menu is very small and simple and even more so, Scandinavian.


Their carrot cake is to die for.


Sad days when cinnamon buns are sold out.  


Basement floor. Plenty of power sockets, WiFi and calm atmosphere. This post is written there as well as part of my MA diploma submission. 


Time was passing, our relationship grew, my loyalty cards were filling with Ö stamps, which lead to a hug on 5th stamp and coffee and 10th. (A friend of mine suggested ditching cards after 5th stamp and start a new one). I’ve bought loads of cinnamon buns, drunk loads of coffee, spoke Swedish, Russian and even some Finnish and developed ongoing hugging relationships.20121216-DSC06236

One day I have discovered porridge with cinnamon sugar, mmmm.


The place is full of Scandinavian humour

And even though they don’t give me free food, don’t sell my favourite Fazer Liqueur Fills and have never heard of Panda Lakka which I crave desperately I am sure this place will be forever a good part of my life in London.