Christmas card I made for my beloved lighting design consultancy (and my employers) GIA Equation. Inspired by all the wonderful people working …


IYL2015 Downing Street deer

Due to some randomness in the world my deer design adorns a really nice Christmas tree which is just outside 10 Downing …



A watercolour I have started a while ago and finished after one long working day.

Muntjac deer by Inessa Demidova

PP’s Muntjac deer

While Daily mail thinks that muntjac deer are threat to our wildlife, I was asked kindly to draw one based on an …



My friend’s cat and a possible side career.

Deer Antony by Inessa Demidova

Deer Antony

A mural which I have painted with much pleasure in a stairwell in London’s Bethnal Green area.


Bartlett Plexus sketch

One of the most inspiring lectures I’ve  been to recently I was quite intrigued  by the choice of speakers and the …

Hej Nordic deer by Inessa Demidova

Hej, Nordic deer

We’ve been talking about this for a while and finally – my deer are hanging at my favourite cafe in London – …