Hej Nordic deer by Inessa Demidova

Hej, Nordic deer

We’ve been talking about this for a while and finally – my deer are hanging at my favourite cafe in London – …



An old sketch I have forgotten about until someone told me they really like it

06 chapter dotted line copy

Green driver book illustration

There are some opportunities which you shouldn’t miss and when Roman Sablin posted a call for an illustrator for his new book …


Mr Cecil deer

A deer I made using black insulation tape on my bro’s wall one Monday night.

Art deco deer by Inessa Demidova

Art deco deer

I was challenged to come up with an art deco deer. Oh well, whatever it is that gives me chance to draw …

HL JR Deer by Inessa Demidova

HL JR Eames deer

One of my main passions in professional sense is actually lighting design (you’d think deer, wouldn’t you?). Yet I am not employed …


Beer deer

  A deer I have painted in Signature brew’s Hackney office. I guess I need someone to write descriptions for my deer. …



An ink drawing I had laying around for months and finally used it to play with textures for a bit.

Lauren by Inessa Demidova

Alex, Lauren and Ximin

A small project where I have drawn 3 of my friends living together and then fixed their portraits onto kitchen cupboards 

Coens hert by Inessa Demidova

Coens hert

Mighty stag which I was commissioned to create in Amsterdam. Acrylic on wall, 2013