Space deer

Origami deer with crystal antlers floating in space. Painted for our art exchange with Rishi. Acrylic, 2017.


An inside joke about pink t-shirt and my history in academic drawing. Pens and watercolour. 2017.  


Continuing on the wave of making friends into art. 4 Pens and watercolour, 2017.  

Aden deer for Ed and Co

Aden deer

A huge (about 1,5m wide) deer in acrylic for friends’ new place.   Acrylic. 2016.

Panda deer by Inessa Demidova

Panda deer

When someone asks you to draw them a deer in panda colour but you have no desire to make black and white …

Asha by Inessa Demidova

Asha Di

Making friends into art still, this time mixing even more media. Acrylic, watercolour, ink, pens.

Jbuck deer

JBuck Deer

A consequence of someone approaching me late at night at an awards ceremony. Playing with new set of colour pens. Watercolour and …

Jolly slyness

More watercolour and watercolour pencils. She is a friend from my hometown.

Forest skills deer

Forest skills deer

Playing with watercolour and ink, making paint flow, contributing to art walls. Watercolour, ink. 2016.


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